Movable Kitchen Islands

Welcome to Movable Kitchen Islands, your source for information on portable islands and carts for your home. If you are looking for a mobile kitchen island, kitchen microwave cart, kitchen storage cart, or kitchen utility cart, we have the information and independent reviews that will help you make a decision. With our in-depth reviews and advice, we are confident that you will find the perfect movable kitchen islands for your workspace!

Movable kitchen islands give you the flexibility to change your room’s layout at a moment’s notice, whether it is to gain more floorspace for a party or to wheel your meal into the next room. Today’s portable kitchen islands and carts are sturdy, stylish, and a leading trend in today’s designer kitchens (Just look at these beautiful kitchens with islands!). Many models feature several shelves for storing appliances or cutlery, as well as towel racks, cutting boards, or drop-leaves for additional space. You might find that your portable island is your new favorite place to cook in your kitchen!

Unfortunately, not all islands are created equal. Many built-in kitchen islands feature just a prep space and a moderate amount of storage. Fixed islands are by their nature inflexible. You will not be able to move them out of the way for parties or cleaning, and they cannot be used for other purposes such as for arts and crafts. When you want the island to stay in one place, you simply lock the wheels and walk away. Portable islands and carts have a real advantage over fixed islands due to their flexability.

Most flexible kitchen islands are also vastly less expensive than fixed islands. Built-in kitchen islands can add thousands of dollars to the price tag of a kitchen. For more than 10X less, you can get a solid, handcrafted portable island for all your storage and preparation needs.

Another thing to consider when buying movable kitchen islands is the build quality. Many mobile kitchen islands are constructed with inferior particle-board and plastic wheels. Even if the pictures look good, it is important to find top quality information on the portable island or cart you are considering. Most of the movable islands and carts we have reviewed are solid wood, with rubber and metal wheels. Others have additional features, such as granite countertops. Not all portable kitchen carts are created equal, which is why it is important to get the best information before your purchase.

We have gone through the portable islands sold by the leading manufacturers to create reviews on the best mobile kitchen islands and carts. You can trust the reviews presented on our website and home you find the best movable kitchen islands for your home!